A Report From The Philadelphia Flea Market Trenches: Arcadia University, Part Two

Part 2 of 2 In the first part of this series, I talk about the prolonged and frustrating process Arcadia University Flea Market organizers used to get vendors in their spaces on Saturday, April 12, 2014. In this final installment, … Continue >>

A Philly Flea Market Update That Includes Franklin Flea’s Inside Information, Murphy Rec’s Jilt, & A Date With An Old Swede

I apologize for posting so closely together. Normally I don’t publish on consecutive days but I am a little backed up and there are a few things going on in Flea Market Philadelphia that I would like to discuss before … Continue >>

A Report From The Philadelphia Flea Market Trenches: Arcadia University, Part One

Part one of 2 I was tempted to call this post “What A Difference a Few Months Makes” or, in keeping with the instructive spirit of the flea market’s academic setting: “How To Decimate a Flea Market in Less Than … Continue >>

Atlantic City’s New Mercato Market Will Be A Flea Market “On Steroids”

A few days ago, a friend of mine informed me of an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about a new flea market opening soon at the Atlantic City Race Course in May’s Landing, New Jersey. The market, which is called … Continue >>

PHAIR Responds . . .

Several years ago, Phila Flea Markets began running antiques and vintage markets at Headhouse Square. As a result, that small area of the city’s Society Hill section was forever put on the mental map of Flea Market Philadelphia. A few … Continue >>

Franklin Flea Finally Finds Future Few-Week Location

Jeopardy contestant: “I’ll take The City of Brotherly Love Flea Markets for a thousand, Alex.” Alex Trebek: “Answer: these three characteristics, 8th & Market, six-week runs, and trendy food vendors most identify this Philadelphia flea market named for its most … Continue >>